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It's simple, you purchase a ticket for the 10 AM session of OPEN PLAY PAINTBALL on any Saturday or Sunday and be at the facility, checked in, by NO LATER THAN 10:15 AM (absolutely ZERO exceptions) and you'll receive a refund equal to 50% of your admission price.


Step 1:

Go to the Open Play Paintball page HERE and purchase either one of the available tickets (with or without equipment).

Step 2:

When you are picking a timeslot, choose the 10 AM slot on any Saturday or Sunday.

Step 3:

On the day of your event, be at the facility, INSIDE the lobby, and checked-in at the front desk by NO LATER THAN 10:15 AM (That's 10:15 in the morning).

That's it... it's literally 3 steps. If you mess this up, prepare to be ridiculed by the staff and other witnesses.


Don't do it 1:

Buy 10 tickets for you and your friends, then try and get the discount for your friends that AREN'T in the lobby and checked-in by 10:15 AM. You will only receive the discount for the players that are ACTUALLY at the facility, INSIDE the lobby, by the cutoff time.

Don't do it 2:

Arrive at 10:16 and throw a fit because we aren't giving you the discount. We aren't your parents, our "no's" actually mean NO. Time management is an essential part of adulthood.

This discount is ONLY good for Open Play Paintball tickets purchased for the Saturday or Sunday 10 AM session times. The discount refund will be 50% of your ADMISSION ticket price. Example: If you purchase the $35 "no-equipment" ticket, you will receive a refund of $17.5. If you purchase the $45 "equipment-and-paint" ticket, you will receive a refund of $22.5. Click the button below to purchase your ticket.


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