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Store Hours: Wednesday - Friday 12PM - 7PM & Saturday - Sunday 10AM - 6PM

Open Play Hours: Wednesday - Friday 12PM - 7PM & Saturday - Sunday 10AM - 6PM

Private Play Hours: 7 days a week, day and night, by reservation ONLY








You're in luck, I spent weeks of my life making you this website to answer just that question! Simply click HERE and choose a product; the price will be on the product page.


Can I bring my own paintballs? 

Hard no. You will be flogged if caught and then asked to leave. You're in luck though, our paint prices are the CHEAPEST in town.

What's the max velocity? 

250 fps. There is no minimum shooting distance here. You will thank us later.

Is there a rate of fire limit? 

We allow all modes of fire. Kyle would sooner desecrate a corpse than slight the machinegun gods. However, we do cap full-auto fire and ramping at 10.2 balls per second. The god of affordable insurance is far more powerful.

What's better, paintball or airsoft? 

That depends, they all have their respective demographics. On a scale of 1-10, how enjoyable do you find musicals?  -20-0, Paintball; 1-6, Low-Impact Paintball; 6 and higher, Airsoft.

Does it hurt? 

Paintball, same as life, tends to hurt more if you suck at it. You wont be [seriously] injured, and chicks dig scars, but, in all seriousness, the sting is minimal and brief. Most 10-year-olds manage to play without crying. Try our Low Impact option if you're still concerned.


Can I bring my own BBs? 

We would say NO but there is no way to enforce this. We ask that you use ours since it's the only way we make money and we would really like to stay in business. However, rental guns ARE required to use our BBs and they are checked regularly.

What's the max velocity? 

400 fps with a .20g BB, the max allowed by our insurance. There is no minimum shooting distance here, but come on... its airsoft.

Is there a rate of fire limit? 

We allow all modes of fire and, with airsoft, there is no ROF limit. Having said that, you're a special kind of lame if you're shooting anything over 12 balls per second (the ROF of an M4). Talking to you speedsofters.


Can I bring food and drink? 

Of course you can, just make sure you pick up after yourselves and absolutely NO alcohol. Talking to you soccer moms; you aren't fooling anyone with those Yeti cups.

Can I bring my own gear? 

Absolutely, as long as it isn't homemade... or if it is homemade, it's sufficiently badass, er, safe; I meant to say safe. The field manager will inspect prior to giving you an answer.

Can I bring my own grenades/smoke? 

Absolutely not, we are strictly field pyro only. If you are caught you will be drawn and quartered, before being asked to leave. If you want to use NON-IGNITION grenades/diversion devices, you may, BUT they will not count as a kill and player DO NOT have to call out when you throw them.

What should we wear? 

Just dress for the weather and wear close-toed shoes. The paint washes out and heatstroke sucks far worse than getting hit with a paintball. MOST of you wont enjoy getting a silver bullet, most. Feel free to google that if you're confused.

What time should we arrive? 

On time is 15 minutes early. You may not be able to check in until your session time starts, but you'll want those extra minutes to corral those feral cats that you call children, to get their waivers done. I promise you, their parents did NOT follow your email's instructions.


GLORY PAINTBALL: 2600 Calder Rd. League City, TX 77573   



Est. 2010   


Veteran owned and operated.

The life's work of charismatic cult-"like" leader, Kyle Buckmaster.

We strive to maintain a fun and safe facility for everyone from the most hardcore no-sense-of-humor scenario player, to the soft-wristed, 10-year-old bubble boy, who's never left his hover-mom's leash radius.

As long as you KEEP YOUR DANG MASK ON, you will have a great time at our facility and be perfectly safe doing it.

Our referees are the best in the business and work hard to maintain excellent customer service. They are always willing to step in, upon request, and give some TIPS to the less experienced players... Please make sure you reward their helpfulness with a monetary tip of your own; Your voluntold financial gratitude is all that stands between them and certain starvation.



Est. 1986   

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Kyle Buckmaster, owner/operator of Glory Paintball LLC

By Nyles Dukfaster

JUNE 7, 2021 5 PM CT

A League City native, Kyle joined the Marine Corps after graduating from Clear Creek High School in 2005. He served as an infantry machine-gunner with the 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. After being honorably discharged in 2009, Kyle decided to make his love for shooting a career and wanted to share that passion with others. He started Glory Paintball in 2010 at age 23 and has been running it ever since. Despite his biologically unexplainable facial symmetry, and imposing stature, Kyle turned his back on a promising career as a Jonestown-level cult leader/the antichrist and instead opted for the path less travelled, that of a struggling small business owner. Through sheer force of will, and probably a dash of autism, this self-taught welder, machinist, artist, CAD draftsman, entrepreneur, inventor etc.), has spent the last decade of his life, singularly-focused on one mission, Glory Paintball, and all that that entails. When asked what his plans were for Glory in the future, here is what he had to say:


"Man, I'm always thinking about it. Day and night. It's hard to put into words for civilians to understand but essentially I'm just trying to recreate like a half dozen of the most intense moments of my time in Iraq. I want school kids looking out the class window with a thousand-yard stare; I want Dave the accountant diving under his desk because a car backfired outside; Stacy, the single mom, throwing a reflex-elbow and rocking one of her spawn in the face because they snuck up behind her. I want to provide an experience so realistic that people leave here with PTSD [maniacal laughter]. I want armor rolling down the streets, multi-storied buildings to clear, spider holes to drop grenades through, machine guns, landmines, mortars, the whole thing... just in a non-lethal form so that no one is actually getting smoked. THAT's my dream... I just need the money to do it all. One step at a time though".

Clearly passionate and wildly creative, it's this writer's opinion that Kyle [Glory Paintball] is sure to be a force to be reckoned with... That is of course if he doesn't just flip the market upside down with this "secret project" he's been working on in his spare time.

Nyles Dukfaster is a columnist with Made Up BS Quarterly


These are universal rules for our facility. Rules for some special events may differ slightly.


Marker Velocities

All PAINTBALL guns must be chronographed at or below 250 fps.

All AIRSOFT guns must be chronographed at or below 400 fps using .20g BBs.

This facility is close-quarters in most areas. There is no minimum shooting distance.


General Rules

  • Players must abide by all field safety rules and obey all safety signs.

  • Barrel blockers must be used at all times while in staging areas, and until the referee tells you to remove it in the playing area.

  • Eye, nose and mouth protection must be worn in the target range and playing areas at all times.

  • Follow all Range Safety Officer (RSO) instructions and do not argue with calls made on the field. All RSO calls are final.

  • NO SHOOTING markers or throwing paintballs outside of the playing field.

  • All quarter-sized paint marks on any part of the body or marker count as an elimination from the game.

  • If a ball hits you and you cannot see the mark, call an RSO for a "paint check". You must defend yourself while under "paint check".

  • "Dead" players do not talk, give up markers, paint, air, or point out other players. "Dead man posture" must be used to indicate you are out (i.e., barrel blocker on, hand on head).

  • No foul, abusive language or physical contact towards other players will be allowed.

  • Please keep our paintball field GLORIOUS by picking up your trash before you leave.

  • This facility is Field Paint Only (FPO).

  • Outside pyrotechnics are PROHIBITED.

Equipment Responsibility
Check your weapons and gear for proper functionality before starting play. A player is personally responsible for his/her equipment, whether owned, borrowed, or rented. If you break or ruin something, you will be held responsible for any damages. Accidents do happen. Be careful and play responsibly.



No blind-firing. If player cannot see where the muzzle is pointed, such as sticking a marker around a corner of a building or up over a bunker without looking, that is blind-firing. The player must be able to see the muzzle and the intended target area.


Physical Contact
At no time is physical contact of ANY kind allowed between players. The only exceptions to this rule would be:

  • A player aiding a player over an obstacle or off the ground.

  • A player helping an injured player.

General Safety
Firing on observers, eliminated players, or any other non-participating individuals or group of individuals is prohibited. Such action shall be grounds for immediate ejection from the field of play, and constitute termination of that player’s activity for that day’s schedule. 


Failure to Follow

Failure to follow the safety guidelines will result in a warning and/or removal from play/facility.


Face Protection
Proper eye protection is mandatory. Ballistic Shooting Goggles that do not have any cracks or holes larger than 6mm are allowed. Ballistic shooting glasses are only permitted if they wrap behind the eye. All eye protection is subject to approval. All lenses must be rated at ANSI Z87.1-2003 (also known as Z87.1+). Regular shop goggles, shooting glasses that do not wrap behind the eye, or regular sunglasses are not adequate enough for protection and are not allowed! Mesh eye protection is NOT permitted. Nose and mouth cover must be worn as well.


All weapons should have a Barrel Blocker and the magazine removed outside of playing area.

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