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Open (CAX 9)

Glory Invictus 4 EMBLEM_edited.png

Glory Paintball (in perpetuity)



Starting CAX 8, Glory Paintball will be in charge of the Blue Brigade in perpetuity. Your commander will either be Generalissimo Buckmaster himself, or an appointed lieutenant from his cabinet. Any commanders wishing to challenge the mighty Blue Brigade, may volunteer to head the Red Rebellion.



Obviously you'll need to recruit, but each military faction only has 28 slots, so finding enough players shouldn't be too difficult.


You'll receive detailed force pool info before the event so you'll know exactly what you're working with, and more importantly what you aren't . You'll be given the number of players you have, their roles and whether or not they are part of a team.


You'll also be in charge of deciding how much ammo to draw from supply for each MISSION, keeping in mind ammunition is finite and that you'll need enough in reserves for Sunday's INVASION games.


Commanders have sole discretion on how to spend the factions finances, which can be used to recruit civilians for any number of tasks and pay ransom for captured HVTs.


You and your Executive Officer are the only players that can interrogate detainees inside the Detainee Facility. Each detainee costs you points each respawn wave that they are detained, so you'll want to be diligent about not detaining civilians longer than necessary. See Civilian Gameplay at the bottom of this page.


There is no "Commander Box' at Glory. You're a platoon commander with limited forces; you belong in the field, just try not to get tunnel vision. Your job is to issue orders for others to follow, not trying to Rambo your way to victory.



As Commander, your ticket is comped.


Your name, photo, team logo will be displayed on our site, social media posts and ads for the months leading up to the event. If you win, your name and logo will stay on the site FOREVER under the Hall of Victory tab, located on the CAX main page, along with the name and logo of the commander you defeated. There will also be special bonuses for commanders that win 3 or more CAXs.

Messenger: Kyle Buckmaster
Facebook: Glory Paintball
or call us at 713-826-9570

Mori Quam Foedari
Visit the Hall of Victory for detailed history of past CAX battles, awards, and unit citations.





1700-2359 Check-in, waivers, camping (see NEW staging camping area HERE, it's included with your ticket price).


0800-1000 Check-in, waivers, chrono, safety brief, etc.


0900-1000 Planning Phase   (60 mins)

1000-1045 Mission 1           (45 mins)

1045-1145 Planning Phase   (60 mins)

1145-1230 Mission 2           (45 mins)

1230-1330 Planning Phase   (60 mins)

1330-1415 Mission 3           (45 mins)

1415-1515 Planning Phase   (60 mins)

1515-1600 Mission 4           (45 mins)

1600-1700 Planning Phase   (60 mins)

1700-1745 Mission 5           (45 mins)

1745-1915 Long Break         (90 mins)

1915-2000 Mission 6           (45 mins)

To prevent players from becoming physically exhausted, a feature common to previous CAXs, Saturday's gameplay will be comprised of smaller 45-minute MISSIONS, with longer "Planning Phases" between missions, while Sunday will be reserved for the longer INVASION games that are worth more points.

MISSIONS will be more detailed and intricate than in previous CAXs so make sure to utilize the available terrain models during the Planning Phases.

There are no "Night Missions" but there will be 1 "Mission at night". The field's lights will be on in most areas, MOST of the time, so illumination may be useful.


2130 Dinner and a Movie


0800-1000 Check-in, waivers, chrono, safety brief, etc.

0830-1000 Warrior's Breakfast


1000-1100 Planning Phase

1100-1230 Invasion A

1230-1345 Planning Phase

1345-1515 Invasion B

1515-1545 Rest

1545-1615 Final Battle


1615-1645 Awards

Bullshitting and clean up



Squad Assault Pack with pods_edited.jpg


Personal backpacks are not allowed on the field during play, however, the issued Assault Pack can be used to carry whatever the players decide to load it with, (e.g. grenades, pods, smokes etc.). The purpose of the pack is to give the squad forward deployed ammo if needed while creating a player deployed defensive objective. You have to guard the pack because it is a capturable objective!
NOTE: Glory is not responsible for any personal items that you choose to put in the pack. We recommend only filling it with munitions.


  • Issued to each faction's Squad Leader (ONE per faction)

  • Can be loaded with whatever you want

  • It can be captured by the enemy for points

  • Captured enemy packs MUST be turned in to the HQ RSO for points

  • Players are NOT permitted to use the items inside a captured enemy pack

  • If the player carrying the pack is eliminated, they must drop the pack where they were eliminated

  • Faction paint is color specific and any player caught using another faction's paint will incur a 5 point dock to his team



Control Points.jpg


Our new control point flags will be replacing the old push sticks for most of our territory-control-based games. The flag pulley system slows the rate of the flags ascent, making capturing the point take longer. Simple to use, just crank the handle to raise and lower the flags. Some objectives will have the crank handle removed and will require an engineer to capture the point using their socket wrench.

Supply Point.jpg


They don't mean much to the military factions but they are very valuable to civilians. Military factions start with a large stockpile in their FOBs Supply Point and simply need to ensure they have the minimum number of bricks required at the end of each game to avoid being docked points. For civilians, however, Supply Bricks grant a recurring payment into their bank accounts based on the number of bricks they have on their home's Supply Point at the end of each game. More bricks = more money per turn. Military factions can use excess bricks as bartering chips or raid civilians homes to confiscate bricks to limit money going to the civilians to buy arms.

Casualty Dummy.jpg


INJURIES: Dummies have been simplified for the event until a more detailed and durable "Wound System" can be designed. 


EVACUATING A CASUALTY: If you find a Casualty Dummy in the playing field, you must evacuate them back to your faction's FOB. There will be a clearly marked Casualty Collection Point (CCP) where you must place the dummy to earn points.




These "vehicles" don't have motors or floorboards. They are props made of scrap metal and plywood. They operate flintstone-style with player walking inside them to propel the vehicle. We suggest wearing cleats for better traction.


Quite a bit lighter and more maneuverable than the Humvee, the Hilux is the perfect balance of speed and protection. The armor is directional, so don't let the enemy get behind you. The turret spins 360 degrees and is very quick and smooth. Cab seats 2-3 comfortably and the bed will fit 2 more walking players plus the turret gunner and gear. 


Slower, bigger and heavier than the Hilux, the Humvee boasts an enormous interior capable of housing up to 8 players including the turret gunner. Plenty of interior cargo space and 4 doors make maneuvering INSIDE the vehicle very easy. The turret rotates 360 degrees with 360 degree protection.

Armor generally starts from its Vehicle Start Point "VSP" inside the FOB but may change based on MISSION details. Armor players may start inside the vehicles each game. At the end of each game, the armor players must move their vehicle back to the start point before leaving the field.

Get to the sides of the armor and pull on of the pyro pins to set off the explosives. This kills the crew inside and destroys the armor for the duration of the MISSION. Armor will reset after each MISSION. During INVASION, both Commanders will be granted a limited number of repair cards that they can use to bring a destroyed vehicle back to life.


As long as the doors are shut, all crew inside the CAB of the vehicles are invulnerable to paintballs. Frags can still kill you if one gets into the vehicle, HOWEVER, grenades can no longer be rolled under the vehicle. To score a kill with a frag you will need to:


  1. Open a door and toss one into the cab, OR

  2. ​Land a frag through the turret hole

  3. Or just shoot everyone

One hand grenade is needed to kill all of the crew inside the Humvee​


  1. Open the door and toss one into the cab to kill the crew in the cab

  2. Toss another one into the bed to kill the crew in the bed and the turret gunner

  3. Or just shoot everyone

Two grenades are needed to kill all the crew inside the truck, 1 for the cab AND one for the bed
Turret gunners and any crew inside the truck bed CAN be shot out, but gun hits DON'T count, as long as they are inside the vehicle.

As armor crew, you are meant to be MOST effective while inside/with your vehicle. To that end, all of your pods, packs, extra air tanks etc. must stay INSIDE the vehicle or the FOB during a game. You CANNOT have any pod packs, backpacks or pods on your person during play. If you choose to carry a sidearm and want extra mags, that's fine, but when you leave the armor for any reason, you must leave all other gear (not your pistol, pistol mags or primary gun) inside the vehicle.



Depending on the current MISSION parameters, Commandos are inserted into their Commando Insertion Points (see map below) prior to the game starting. Once both team's Commandos are inserted, the game starts, HOWEVER, non-commando players cannot leave their FOBs for 2 minutes, until the initial respawn wave has ended. Commandos will have those 2 minutes to move, shoot, hide etc. prior to the main forces exiting their FOBs. The game is ACTIVE though, and commandos can engage/be engaged by any forces they come across, including civilians.

CAX8 - Commando Gameplay.jpg

Once the game starts, Commandos CAN attempt to accomplish or secure objectives, or perform other actions to harass the enemy.

When eliminated, Commandos must return to the FOB and wait for a respawn, the same as other players.




If you want to hold any ground at CAX, you'll need to continually fortify your position. Below are some of the current fortifications available for engineers to construct/deconstruct during play. All current fortifications will be modified at some point to be "engineer specific", meaning the only players that will be allowed to interact with them in the future will be the engineers.



Quickly mount these in any container window to convert it into a hardened shield with 2 gun ports.



Mount these small shields to any courtyard walls to create parapets to protect shooters heads as they engage targets.



Attach these large nets to the container's rings to slow the flow of player movements. Enemy players attempting to rush the structure will pile up inside as they attempt to navigate around the netting sides, making them prime targets.

CAX Bomb.jpg


The engineer is the only player that can arm/disarm objective bombs using the supplied socket wrench. This prop may be replaced with a new, exploding bomb prop for this event if we can get them done in time.





CAX 8 - Civilian ID Card.jpg

All civilians must carry BOTH their ID Card and their CONFIDENTIAL Card, at all times during play. The ID card contains general purpose info needed to identify the civilian's character, including their family name, owned properties where they are legally allowed to be armed, and current profession, relatives and other known facts that aren't deemed confidential. This card must be presented to any faction member who demands to see it or risk being shot without penalty. You DO NOT have to show the Confidential Card to any faction member unless you are properly detained, escorted back to the Detainee Facility and requested by the faction Commander or Executive Officer.

CAX 8 - Civilian CONFIDENTIAL ID Card.jpg

Each civilian is also issued a CONFIDENTIAL Card which contains secret info that only the civilian knows, such as allegiances, ideological leanings, friends, foes, known knowns, known unknowns, and your Revenge Killing target, IF you have one. You DO NOT have to show the Confidential Card to any faction member unless you are properly detained, escorted back to the Detainee Facility and requested by the faction Commander or Executive Officer.



All civilians of Buckministan are allowed to be armed ON/INSIDE their own property, to protect themselves, their families and their belongings. This territory includes any outdoor courtyard spaces and any other structures or businesses that the civilian's family may own. These properties will be identified on the civilian's Green Player ID. Faction players, however, do have authority to demand that you disarm yourself anywhere on the field, including your home. You don't have to comply, but refusal is considered a Hostile Act and may result in your being shot, without penalty.


Some civilians that are known, by staff, to be honorable and NOT emotionally-retarded, will be labeled "Undercover Agents" by the staff. They are not to be treated any differently than any other civilian during play, BUT, they carry the weight of a referee in regard to bad shootings. If they say they watched either military faction shoot an unarmed civilian, then there is no sense arguing, it's getting marked down as such. PERIOD.

unarmed citizens_edited.jpg

If any member of either military faction (Red or Blue) is witnessed by a referee or any undercover agent, to have shot an UNARMED civilian, who was not observed to have committed any hostile act, in the moment, with which to have instigated the shooting, their team will be docked points for the murder. Shooting unarmed civilians is strictly prohibited. If the shooting is NOT witnessed or attested to by staff or undercovers, it will NOT be recorded. Period. However, this is a self-correcting environment. Shooting unarmed civilians, regardless of getting away with it or not, will eventually lead to them siding with the other faction and swinging their weight against yours. Contrary to popular idiocy, you can't murder your way to victory in a populated environment.

armed in private_edited.jpg

If a civilian is confronted on their own property, by a military faction, and ordered to disarm themselves but they refuse, or perform any Hostile Act, they may be shot without penalty. Military factions must give the civilian appropriate time to comply. Simply yelling, "drop it" and immediately shooting the civilian will be deemed a bad shoot and points will be docked.

armed in public_edited.jpg

Civilians are not allowed to be armed in public spaces for any reason. Any civilian caught being armed in public or outside of their OWN property, may be shot on site without penalty.


Smuggling is not only encouraged, it's often necessary. Civilians are not allowed to be armed outside of their property, BUT, that rule is enforced by the factions, NOT event staff, meaning it may get you shot, but it won't get you in actual trouble with Glory. As for HOW you choose to maneuver your party favors around the battlefield, the ONLY thing that RSOs are looking for is TACTICAL pouches (i.e. mag pouches, tactical belts with pouches, pod harnesses, backpacks etc.). If you want to move about the world, unharassed by faction players, we suggest you put some thought into looking as "non-hostile" as possible. Remember, even if a faction player smokes you on a whim, if you wind up having any contraband on you at the time, it will be ruled a "good shoot". We will just assume he was telepathic.


If a faction member commands that a civilian disarm themselves, the civilian SHOULD comply. Refusing to do so is a Hostile Act. To disarm, the civilian can either put the weapon down and raise their hands in the air, or, if holding a gun, the gun should first be holstered or barrel socked, followed by the civilian raising their hands. We advise moving VERY slowly, as sudden movements will DEFINITELY get you shot.

icon no image available.png


  • If a civilian is approaching a military faction member, asset, or checkpoint and is given an order to halt by the military faction member, but continues to approach or fails to comply, despite REPEATED warnings, it is considered a Hostile Act and they may be shot.

  • ​If a civilian aims a gun or any other weapon at a military faction member, at any time, regardless of if it is on their own property or not, it is considered a Hostile Act and they can be eliminated without penalty as long as the faction members in question properly announced themselves upon entering the civilians property.

  • If a civilian is thought to be performing an act of espionage or sabotage and sufficient proof can be articulated, they may be shot without penalty.

  • If a civilian shoots at or throws ANY pyro at or near a military faction member, asset or checkpoint, it is a Hostile Act and they may be shot without penalty.

  • Attempting to flee or escape detainment is considered a Hostile Act and may result in being shot without penalty

If you are thinking to yourself, "My god this is complicated.", no shit, imagine being 19 years old and doing it in a country where no one speaks English. Let the PTSD commence!



Occasionally civilians and HVTs will need to be detained for interrogation or to simply control the battlespace by removing armed variables. To do this, a military faction member simply needs to get a hand on the shoulder of the civilian. Once this is accomplished, the civilian must follow the commands of the faction member without question. Failing to do so is a serious penalty for the civilian and will result in being set out of the current game. Continued refusal to follow the rules will result in the player being asked to leave. If at any point the military faction member removes their hand from the civilian, the civilian may attempt to escape at risk of being shot without penalty. HOWEVER, the civilian does NOT have to surrender their BLACK "Confidential" Player Card unless they are escorted back to the Detainment Facility and asked by the faction Commander or Executive Officer. Faction members may demand the civilian show their GREEN Player ID Card to confirm their identity, to which the civilian SHOULD comply.

detainee facility .jpg

Both military factions have a chain-link-fenced Detainee Facility near their FOB. This area is used to interrogate detainees. Once a detainee has been safely brought to the facility, they must show their Player ID Cards (both GREEN and BLACK) and any pocket contents to the faction Commander or Executive Officer, upon request. Once the Player's IDs are shown, they must stay with the civilian to prevent players from losing their IDs.

cost of detainees_edited.jpg

To prevent indefinite incarceration, factions are docked points for each detainee that they are holding in the Detainee Facility at each respawn wave. This makes attempting mass detaining civilians impractical and should limit the time that detainees are held to the bare minimum needed to get information from them before they are released. Just like IRL, detaining people costs resources (food, water, manpower, reputation etc.), so make sure it's worth the cost.

escaping detainment_edited.jpg

Detainees can attempt to escape the Detainee Facility if left unguarded, at risk of being shot without penalty, HOWEVER, if they are shot during an escape attempt, and are still within 30 feet of the Detainee Facility, the civilian will be placed BACK in the Detainee Facility instead of respawning normally. This is to prevent endless escape attempts until success is tactically viable. If they are shot OUTSIDE of the 30 foot radius of the Detainee Facility, they will be considered dead and forced to respawn. The 30 foot zone will be marked by stakes and spray paint.


icon no image available.png

Civilian families are issued a digital bank account that they can access at the Bank of Buckministan, inside the Armory. At the start of the event, each family receives a randomized amount of funds in their account that can be used to purchase anything they wish from the armory, during play, as well as a handful of personalized checks with which to transfer funds to other players, should they choose to do so. All additional funds must be earned via the following methods:

supply bricks_edited.jpg

At the start of the event, each civilian HOUSEHOLD is issued two Supply Bricks. These supply bricks must be kept in the designated scoring zone inside the civilian's home at the end of each game. Doing so will award a recurring deposit into the civilian's bank account after each game. Losing your Supply Bricks will result in a loss of this recurring deposit. You may steal other civilian's bricks or attempt to raid the military factions stockpile located near their FOBs.

hiring civilians_edited.jpg

Both military factions start with 10,000 "Bucks" ;) at the beginning of the event. They can use this money to hire civilians as muscle, reconnaissance, saboteurs or for any other reason. Winning the trust of the factions is paramount as the military faction funds are finite and aren't to be wasted, so if your plan is to just take the money and run, remember, they know where you "live".

recruiting a civilian_edited.jpg

Both military factions will receive a number of Faction Badges that they can use to recruit civilians for each MISSION. Recruiting a civilian first requires that the faction Commander broker a deal with the civilian. Once a civilian agrees, they will no longer be a non-combatant for that MISSION, meaning they will need to remove their white shirt. Further, they will spawn at the faction's FOB, instead of the normal Civilian Respawn Point, for that MISSION. The civilian will still be limited to NO TACTICAL POUCHES, but may openly carry as many pods and magazines as they wish in their pockets without needing to conceal them. The "civilian" CANNOT commit acts of sabotage once they have been recruited, meaning you are a true, loyal, Red or Blue faction member until you turn in the Faction Badge. Faction Badges must be worn by the civilian, during play. The number of badges that commanders get will be slightly weighed based on their faction's player numbers, meaning if a faction is down by a large enough number of players, they will receive a few more badges with which to recruit civilians. A civilian can choose to quit the faction either BEFORE or AFTER a mission, but not during, a Commander can revoke the badge whenever they wish, at which point the civilian will return to their homes and dawn their white shirt again.

Bank of Buckministan_edited.jpg

Civilians may ONLY purchase ammunition from the Bank of Buckministan during Planning Phases. The Bank will not be open during play, so make sure you plan ahead. Keep in mind TRANSPORTING ammunition is still a crime, IF CAUGHT, and may result in your being shot, so you'll have to get creative on how you choose to move your goodies around the battlefield. Civilians will have a small window at the start of each game to place their gear and ammo in their homes before the game starts.

civilians safes_edited.jpg

As civilians accrue ammunition from the Bank of Buckministan, or when they are killed and need to store their guns, etc, they may do so in the supplied CIVILIAN SAFES that are located on a designated wall inside each of their homes. These canvas bags will have your character's FAMILY names written on them, along with clear signs that they are NOT a prop and are not to be touched. You may keep whatever items you wish in them, so it isn't lost or confiscated during play. You should keep an eye on them, just in case. For your markers, each home will have multiple, lockable, gun racks mounted on the wall, allowing you to disarm when needed without worrying about your gun going missing.

revenge killings_edited.jpg

Some civilians will have the name of a target, or a clue leading to the name of a target, in the "Revenge Killing" section of their Black CONFIDENTAL Player Card. This name or clue is to be erased upon check in to prevent anyone else from knowing your target, so you'd better have a good memory.


Place Holder_edited_edited_edited.jpg

On your Black "CONFIDENTIAL" Player Card, under the "Revenge Killing" section, IF you have a Revenge Killing target (some players won't), you'll see a name or identifying clue to help you figure out who the target civilian is. As a civilian, you can kill any civilian, at any time, for any reason, but pulling off a Revenge Killing only counts if your victim MATCHES your character's ACTUAL target.

Planning Board_edited.jpg

Once you've identified your target, you'll need to plan your assassination. Revenge Killings MUST be carried out with a knife, barrel swab or barrel, to count. This is revenge afterall, it's personal, so you can't just shoot them. Now, if you want to just rush in, fixed-bayonets style, by all means, but don't forget 1) you are still in play after the killing and 2) you can also loot the victim's home for extra supplies, so planning a proper murder location and escape is worthwhile. If you manage to kill the target properly, the target will remove their Revenge Killing Wristband and give it to you. This cannot be taken away from you, even if you are killed.

icon no image available.png

Each civilian will be issued a special Revenge Killing Wristband at the start of the event. If a player manages to kill you with a knife, as a "revenge killing", you'll need to quickly remove the wristband and turn it over to the player before going to respawn. While the killing doesn't count for the murderer unless they have the right target, the victim is dead regardless and must turn over their wristband. Once you have been Revenge Killed, you cannot be Revenge Killed again, as you will no longer have your wristband. 

Revenge Reward.jpg

Aside from the overwhelming feeling of badassery for pulling off a knife kill at CAX, you'll also receive a hefty financial reward from the victim's bank account, transferred directly into yours, once you turn in their bracelet at the Bank of Buckministan. This is a flat amount, so regardless of the victims current funds, it will be deducted, leaving the victim with a negative bank balance if they didn't have enough funds in the account.



field exit (1)_edited.jpg


  • If you are shot and the ball breaks, leaving fresh paint mark on you, you are out.

  • If a hand grenade explodes in the room you are in or within your line of sight and within 20ft, you are out.

  • If you are tagged by another player, you are out.

  • If you are surrendered and say anything akin to "I'm out", you are out.

  • Also, If you choose to exit the field for any reason, to get air, reload, take a break, you are out.

  • When you are out, WALK back to your FOB and exit the field through the Field Exit.

  • You will need to wait until the next Respawn Wave, which are triggered every 15 minutes.

field entry_edited.jpg

When a Respawn Wave is triggered (every 15 minutes) the HQ RSO will open the cargo doors of your FOBs shipping container to allow you to enter the field. Respawn waves last 2 minutes, at which point the cargo doors will be shut, suspending respawns until the next wave is triggered. For civilians, you will be released from the civilian respawn point located mid field, closest to the parking lot, free to go anywhere you choose, though we recommend going home ASAP.

dead v alive_edited.jpg

Civilians are eliminated in all the same ways that faction members are, however, since ALIVE civilians will constantly have their hands up trying not to be shot, pleading for their lives, etc., they need to be differentiated from DEAD civilians calling themselves "out". To call "out" as a DEAD civilian, the civilian will need to draw their provided, red, "Dead Rags" and place it on their heads when eliminated. This signals that they are in fact dead and heading to respawn.

CIVILIAN respawn point 2_edited.jpg

The civilian Respawn Point is located in the center of downtown, through the range behind the armory. To respawn, a civilian MUST first store any ammo, frags, smokes, guns and/or knives that they have on them inside their home's safe BEFORE entering the Respawn Point. Civilians MUST always spawn UNARMED. failing to do so, or attempting to hide weapons during a respawn will result in the civilian being set out of the current game. The point of this mechanic is to make the civilian feel the vulnerability of being unarmed in a warzone and to elevate the sense of security one has when inside their own home. You are free/encouraged to attempt to smuggle weapons all over the battlefield during regular play, just NOT while respawning. You have to be ALIVE to smuggle stuff.

icon no image available.png

During Planning Phases (between missions) and after the field has been called cold and all barrel blockers are confirmed to be on, civilians are free to drop their masks and stay on the field. You do not have to exit the field into the Staging Area unless you want to. All props will be scored after each game and reconfirmed before the next, so there is no need to worry about your Supply Bricks going missing. Grab a lawn chair, open a cooler and kick back and relax. Afterall, this is your home and you don't have to plan shit. This will help limit Staging Areas from getting too crowded, and will give you intel on the next game's objective placement in case you want to try and sell that info to factions for money. 


There will be no medics in this event. When you are hit, IMMEDIATELY raise a hand and head back to respawn. There is nothing to discuss or wait for.


When you are eliminated, keep your mouth shut. Any talking of any kind will be seen as cheating and incur a point dock.



Severe Infractions: Immediate expulsion from the facility

  • Fighting

  • Blatant intentional overshooting


Serious Infractions: 5 point dock

  • Bonus-balling (more than 5 shots on an individual)

  • Removing mask inside the field

  • Not having a barrel sock on outside playing area

  • Shooting over 250 fps (Roundball) 275 fps (FSR)

  • Wiping paint or failing to follow the respawn rules

  • Excessive douchebaggery (Name calling or smack talking)

  • Arguing with any RSO or official Player Ref call


Minor Infractions: 1 point dock

  • Throwing frags or smokes over or under BUILDING walls (the smaller courtyard walls ARE allowed)

  • Shooting under or over ANY walls (you CAN shoot OVER courtyard walls)

  • Climbing over walls (the shorter, courtyard walls are allowed)


General rules: Repeated violations will result in RSO forcing player to respawn

  • For exploding grenades, all occupants of a fragged room, any that are hit with shrapnel and any that the ref deems "in the kill radius", are eliminated.

  • Dead players may NOT walk into enemy territory unless given permission by an RSO. Players must exit the field via THEIR faction's FOB Field Exit (AKA "ECP").



TBD - We will list all the points and financials here closer to the event, after we have worked out the numbers.

v DISREGARD BELOW v - Refs are paid hourly for CAX.

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