We DO NOT allow
JT brand paintballs (Maxim, Big Ball etc.) at our facility.

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Sessions apply to players with rental gear only.
Players with their own gear may play all day.

Open Play Hours
Sat-Sun (Open to Public)
Morning Session     10 AM - 2 PM
Afternoon Session    2 PM - 6 PM
Reservations are RECOMMENDED but NOT required

Private Party Hours
Mon-Fri (By Reservation only)  
  6 AM -   9 AM (Reserve Online)
  9 AM - 12 PM (Reserve Online)
12 PM -   3 PM (Reserve Online)
  3 PM -   6 PM (Reserve Online)
  6 PM -   8 PM (Reserve Online)
Sat-Sun (By Reservation only)
  7 AM - 10 AM (Reserve Online)
  5 PM -   8 PM (Reserve Online)

See Reservation page for more details and book your party today!
Policy Changes
Starting 7/1/2015 Glory will be changing it's Field Paint Policy. BYOP fee will increase to $10. Rental markers must use field paint. No JT paint allowed.
Fall Construction
Great news! We will be starting our Fall Construction plans a bit early (August 26th, 2015). We will be adding new buildings, obstacles, and games. Be sure to come out to play and help support our efforts to build the sickest paintball field in Houston!

Online Waiver
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How much does it cost? 
Like a restaurant, it depends on what you order.
For customers with their own gear, prices are as low as $20 plus tax.
For customers without their own gear, prices start around $30 plus tax.

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Where is Glory located? 
2600 Calder Dr. League City, TX 77573
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Do I need a reservation?
No, but we highly recommend it if you plan to use our equipment.  You must reserve ONLINE.

-Click Here to reserve.
Can I use my own paint? 
Yes, but only if you have your own gun.
We do not allow JT brand paintballs.
There is a $10.00 BYOP fee per player. 
Our paint is $45 a case (Cheapest in town).
What is the age limit? 
Currently, our minimum age is 8 years old. 
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