Infantry Squads are your basic grunts, and their job is simple, Find, Fix, Flank and Finish the enemy. They are primarily responsible for taking and holding territory. 

Special Forces:


Special Forces are your mission force. They will receive the mission cards during City Attack phase and should focus on secondary missions during other phases.


They may draw 1 (one) SF Equipment at a time from the armory for use on the field (see available equipment at bottom of page). You are responsible for any rental equipment that you draw from supply.

There is an $8 charge to be SF. This fee will help cover the cost of all the props, special ops respawn bay and any other exclusivity improvements we build in the future.


Special Ops benefits:

1) A private respawn area - (BBQ grills coming soon)

2) Exclusive use of Special Ops Equipment and props

3) Team recognition via logos in ads, certificates etc. if requested

4) Exclusive control of the Special Ops missions

5) Cool factor - obviously



A unit without structure and sound leadership will face certain destruction.

Commanders are responsible for organizing their faction, overall strategy, and have control of special abilities during gameplay.


Commander benefits:

  1. Free admission

  2. Bragging rights

  3. Certificate of victory

  4. Special awards for winning sprees

  5. $100 Cash Prize for winning!



Only for the sneakiest & ballsiest of players.


Ballistic Shield:

  • SF only

  • 2 shields max per team

  • Player created shields are NOT allowed

  • Viewport isn't shielded

  • Players hit in the mask thru the viewport are eliminated

  • Shields do not protect from explosives

Rocket Launcher:

  • SF only

  • 1 rocket launcher max per team

  • Player created launchers are NOT allowed

  • Rockets (tennis balls) may be used to destroy bunkers, tanks, and shielded players

  • Rockets are a limited supply - use sparingly

IED (Improvised Explosive Device):

  • Defending Commander only

  • Electronically Triggered

  • Estimated detonation range 200ft

  • Pneumatic

  • Comes with a single charge - Extra charges may be purchased in the shop

  • Can be placed inside buildings - When detonated it eliminates all inhabitants

  • Can be placed inside vehicles - When detonated it eliminates any player in the painted "blast radius"


  • SF only

  • Big, slow, POWERFUL AF

  • Seats 6 MAX

  • Attacker use ONLY

  • May ONLY be used by SF members

  • Players may not be shot or eliminated by frags while inside the tank AS LONG AS the rear door is closed.

  • The tank may ONLY be eliminated by:

    • Rockets​

    • VBIEDs (IEDs placed inside cars, and only if the tank is inside blast radius upon detonation)

    • Suicide Bomb (Being tagged by any enemy player) - This kills both the tank and the enemy player

Sniper Pass:

  • SF only

  • Limit X per faction

  • Passes can be found during Night Game or purchased at the shop for $5

  • Passes allow a player to climb into the Ref Decks at Blue, Red and Violet buildings

  • Pass is good for 1 life/attempt - If player is killed or climbs down voluntarily, their pass is forfeited

  • Snipers must stay in the prone

  • Limit 1 Sniper per deck

  • May only shoot through the provided loop hole

  • May NOT use a hopper - pumps with tubes, magazines under 20 or breach loaded  balls only

  • Single shot only

  • Snipers may only be killed by rockets, grenades or capturing the target building's flag




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