UPDATED 7/11/2022 FOR CAX 7


Ticket Purchase

In previous CAXs we've charged a normal ticket price with a minimum 1 case of paint at our normal field price of $78/case. This led to us having to estimate how much paint/pyro to order and often left us with thousands in left over inventory. Also, this forced YOU, the player, to take a financial gut punch as you bought each new case or throwable, so we decided to change the system. Now, you will purchase a ticket at a set "event price" which is higher, but it guarantees we can cover our expenses, payroll (better paid refs) any pyro we set off for effect etc, and helps cover the costs of some of the props we build specifically for CAX. From there, you'll pre-order your paint and frags online, saving us thousands in wasted inventory purchases. Here's the best part, since we no longer have to guess how much of what to order, or HOPE we have a certain profit margin, we are going to pass those savings on to you! I don't want to spoil anything, but you'll see when you go to make a booking. Also, you'll now be able to book specialty roles instead of having the Commander assign you to them (i.e. Commandos, Armor, etc).

We will ONLY be ordering the amount of paint and pyro that you all pre-order plus about 15% extra so make sure you order enough for the event. We've included metrics from our previous CAXs on the booking page to help you gauge how much paint to order. Click HERE to purchase your ticket.

This will also help Commanders as they will be able to see how many players AND how many cases of paint, frags and smokes they will have to work with ahead of time.


Ticket Purchase - CAX Veterans

All CAX veterans will be given 24-hour prior notice to book their tickets. Once the countdown clock reaches zero, and tickets go on sale, the general public will be able to book.

Ticket CAP

We've added some new roles and increased the total ticket cap to 120 players, 60 per side, (not including the 3 Command Staff slots per side)

Fast Check In

Now that you are booking everything ahead of time, all of your order will be packed and ready for you when you arrive in a "grab and go" system. Make sure your waivers are complete, check in for your wristbands and receive your goodie bag full of destruction!



New Parking Lot

Not that any of us gives a shit about the parking lot being concrete instead of the perfectly fine gravel, but we did spend close to $200K building it, to appease the city, so it's worth mentioning. Imagine what we could have done to the field with that money smdh... oh well, at least we have an ass load of landscaping trees and far fewer parking spaces now lol. #GoVeRnMeNt!

New Staging Awnings

We'd planned on doing this last year but couldn't since we had to save for the parking lot, but, since we wound up having to borrow more money to do the lot anyway, we said, "fuck it" and tacked on a lil' extra to get at least one built. We will build the first one on Blue side since it's our regular private party side. We hope to build the Red side awning sometime around CAX 8 in the spring. 

It's a 35' x 60', 12' tall steel structure with asphalt floor, separated into six 20'x15' bays, complete with benches and tables, labeled for squads and fireteams, with a large, outdoor terrain model smack in the middle for all your tactician needs. We will add lights and BigAssFans before summer 2023. When we build Blue's, we will be moving all of their carports over to Red side to build a jankier version for them.


In-Field Vegetation

Depending on the overall cost of the parking lot and landscaping, we intend to purchase some extra trees to plant inside the playing field!


There is no extra charge to camp under the awnings. Cots are available to rent for $10/each. We will be installing "Not a showers" inside one of the containers and hope to have them ready before CAX 7. Updates on progress will be posted here.

Observation Decks

We will be improving our existing midfield observation deck and adding two more, one on Blue side, one on Red side.

Interior Rooms

We will build more interior rooms in the containers after we financially recover from the parking lot and landscaping project. Hopefully by CAX 8.

2nd Deck Windows and Stairs

Stairs to the second deck are expensive AF but we plan to have a few built for CAX 7, assuming we don't go too much over on the parking lot and awning. We will also be adding some 2nd story windows, equal in size to the bottom floor. The reason we've waited on that is because of players shooting over the containers. 2nd Story windows will likely increase this issue so we have to limit them and plan their placement carefully.

Bottom Floor Stairs

We know some of our customers are... "gravitationally challenged", but we are planning on building some stairs or ramps to enter the buildings. Keep in mind there are something like 40 doors on the bottom floors currently, so building a reliable, durable, and effective stair system for all of them is hella expensive. We will likely try a few options at the next event and see which ones players prefer before we commit to going full scale.



Commando Insertion and FOBs

At CAX 7, we will be changing commando insertions. Going forward, ALL players may enter the FOB, along with the Commandos, and may be anywhere in the FOB, which is expanded, as the Commandos go off to pre-deploy. Commandos will NO LONGER be inserted upstairs. They will be taken to the courtyard of their Commando Insertion Point (see COMMANDO GAMEPLAY for details) and, once both sides are in place in their courtyards, which should be very fast, the game will start immediately. Commandos will then have 3 minutes to move, hide or fight anywhere on the field before the main forces are released from their FOBs.

Kit Restrictions

The goal is to make more of a distinction between each role. Roles are now labelled as Magfed only, Hopper only or Hybrid. The biggest change is the limitation on "Carried Ammo Capacity", limiting the number of pods players are allowed to carry on them during play. With exception to the machinegun role, all kits are limited to 2 pods or less to be carried at a time. This plays into the new Squad Asset component, which you can read about HERE. Yes you can have more than 2 pods on the field at once, it's just the manner in which they are carried that has changed. See the Squad Asset link for more info.

Destroying/Repairing a Vehicle

Armor has changed quite a bit. Armor can no longer be DESTROYED, but the crew can be eliminated, effectively neutralizing the armor as long as the crew never makes it back to the vehicle after they respawn. There are more changes. See ARMOR GAMEPLAY for more details.



There is way too much we plan to do to list here.

We will add them here or in the Field Info page when they are closer to a financial and chronological reality.