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Pay a one time fee to use the facility  .  Teach your own classes  .  Use your own gear (No live rounds or simunition)

Available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, day and night

Call to schedule: 713-826-9570



4,600 sf wooden shoothouse with modular door and hallways on the top floor. Feel free to use airsoft, paintball, blanks, flashbangs or other diversionary devices inside! Total of 16 interior rooms and closets to clear. 

NOTE: No external fuse pyro, live ammo or simunition is allowed... yet.


Air conditioned lobby, restrooms, and store. If you're wanting to use airsoft or paintball guns but aren't sure what to buy, talk with our sales staff and they will guide you to the most realistic equipment on the market. Remember, sim rounds run close to $1/round vs. .50 caliber paintballs (fired from a 1:1 Glock clone) run under $0.04/round, and airsoft BBs are a fraction of that. Really cool bullets don't mean much unless you can afford to use them often. 

TIP: Google "paintball glock pistol" or "gas blowback airsoft pistol" to find the right training tools for your department.


You save 16%! This ALL-INCLUSIVE package includes a private, 4-HOUR session, private covered awning and benches, unlimited air, gun, mask and 500 paintballs per player. Additional player fee $35 (Includes entry, air, gun and mask).

TIP: Maximize your time by teaching one group on the range while other groups train on the playing field.


We have multiple vehicle props for your use, or, if you'd prefer, we can open the gate and allow you to drive your vehicles onto the playing field.

NOTE: Armored/large vehicles are not allowed on the field... yet.


  1. Choose a date and time

  2. Choose a duration (4-hour minimum)

  3. Pay, and you're good to go

REMINDER: You are ONLY paying for the use of the facility. This price does NOT include any equipment, propellant or ammo. Those items will be available for purchase in our store, during your event.

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