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HQ Details.jpg


  • Assigns squad leaders

  • Issues orders

  • Maintains communication with units in the field

Squad Details.jpg

Rifle Squads

  • Locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel the enemy's assault by fire and close combat

  • Gathering intel for the CO

  • Securing buildings for the engineer to capture

Commandos Details.jpg


  • Land behind enemy lines (when attacking) and perform interdiction missions (e.g. raids, sabotage, kill/capture missions)

  • Can be used as shock troops when defending or counter interdiction forces

Armor Details.jpg


  • Sole use of the armor asset

  • Can transport troops and objectives

  • Must defend vehicle from enemy attack

  • Must maintain fuel


HMMWV (Humvee)

  • 4 man crew - inside

  • Turret hole on top (turret to be added CAX5)

  • Storage racks in back

Toyota Hilux

  • 2 man crew - inside, 2 man crew - in bed

  • Bed-mounted turret (to be added CAX5)

  • Storage racks in bed



Build, destroy, repair assets and capture buildings.

Forward Operating Base

Using the provided diagram, engineers must build the required Comms Station, Casualty Collection Point and Fortifications to construct the FOB.

Building Capture

Using the provided template and spray paint, engineers must tag the designated capture points of each building in order to capture the structure for points.

Road Blocks

Road blocks are in place at key choke points on the field. Using the provided keys, engineers must lock/unlock the tank traps from the cables to build or remove the road blocks.

Vehicle Repair

Destroyed vehicles can be repaired by an engineer touching it for 30 seconds.


Revive and care for combat casualties.

Trauma Care

Using the provided diagram and aid kit, medics must treat, in place, any found casualty dummy on the battlefield before moving them back to the aid station.

First Aid

Medics can revive any downed player by removing one of their revive bracelets and writing down their player ID. Bracelets must be collected at the FOBs Casualty Collection Point for scoring.


Scout, assault and defend objectives

Special Abilities?

Not a damn thing, but who cares? Pew Pew Pew!!!

Machine Gunners

Suppress the enemy and maintain fire superiority so friendly units can maneuver.


Can fill 1 designated air tank to 4,500 psi inside the shop, allowing them to stay on the field longer between resupplies.


Provide accurate, long-range fire to slow enemy movement or to eliminate HVT.



Match Grade

Can use First Strike Rounds

Squad Leaders

Maintain control of fireteams; coordinate between squad and command.


Fire Support

If they have comms with command, attacking Squad Leaders can call in fire missions on specific target buildings.