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Severe Infractions: Immediate expulsion from the facility

  • Fighting

  • Blatant intentional overshooting


Serious Infractions: 5 point dock

  • Bonus-balling (more than 5 shots on an individual)

  • Removing mask inside the field

  • Not having a barrel sock on outside playing area

  • Shooting over 250 fps

  • Wiping paint or failing to follow the respawn rules

  • Arguing with any RSO or official Player Ref call


Minor Infractions: 1 point dock

  • Throwing frags or smokes over or under BUILDING walls. (Courtyard walls ARE allowed)

  • Climbing over ANY walls

  • Shooting under or over ANY walls

  • Excessive douchebaggery (Name calling or smack talking)



General rules: Repeated violations will result in RSO forcing player to respawn

  • For exploding grenades, all occupants of a fragged room are eliminated plus any that are hit with shrapnel

  • Dead players may NOT walk into enemy territory unless given permission by an RSO. Players must exit the field via their factions HQ



A player is eliminated when:

  • They have a quarter size or more of semi fresh paint on them

  • They are in a room that an exploding grenade goes off in

  • They are hit by shrapnel from an exploding grenade

  • They are tagged by an enemy player (hand or barrel)

  • They say the specific phrase, "I'm out"

  • They say any phase or perform any action implying that they are out immediately after being hit with a paintball

e.g. "I'm hit", "I'm out", raising their gun or hand in the air etc.

Once eliminated, players must proceed to THEIR HQ, exit the field and wait in their Staging Area UNLESS healed by a medic.